La Forme Announce New Single – ‘Birds In An Aviary’ #Indie #Synth #Pop

Good Morning,

​Artist: La Forme

Track Title: Birds In An Aviary

Format: Single

Genre: Synth/Pop/Electronica

Label: Libertino Records

Release Date: 24th July 2017

Release Format: Digital Download

Stream: Stream

Download WAV: Download

‘Birds In an Aviary’ was inspired lyrically by the line in the Tennessee Williams’ play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ where Maggie says to Brick

"I’m not living with you, we just occupy the same cage." La Forme’s vocalist and lyricist Chris explains: "I have always loved that line,

it’s just so wonderfully blunt and sad, I just took that metaphor and stretched it. Birds is about a relationship breaking down with birds as the

protagonists. One of my favourite things to do lyrically is to take the idea of a love song and then frame it slightly differently, because love

is such a strange emotion."

La Form’s darkly alluring slice of intelligent synth pop has a quintessential European outlook. The sound is simultaneously futuristic whilst
still possessing the warmth and comfort of an age where pop ran supreme. ‘Birds In an Aviary’ is a new beginning for the band in many ways
that is ambitious and poetically direct. Think Morrissey suavely wondering into the grooves of New Orders ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ with
Arthur Russell producing it all in some Brooklyn dive studio in 1983!



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