Hms Morris Unveil New Video for ‘Morbid Mind’


​Photo: Rhodri Brooks

Artist:HMS Morris

Track Title: ‘Morbid Mind’

Format: Video

Label: Waco Gwenci

‘Morbid Mind’

Video Link: (Video Contains Strobe / Flash Photography)



‘Morbid Mind’ and ‘Arth’ showcase the range of the band’s songwriting, sailing from a White
Denim–esque fluster to melodies reminiscent of traditional Welsh folk music.‘Morbid Mind’ explores
the morbid curiosity that resides within all of us, that drives the popularity of ‘murderabilia’ and lies
behind the rubbernecking instinct. The lure of the morbid can be explained as a noble desire to empathise
with the unfortunate, but can also lead to obsession, insanity, even death…

‘Arth’ (Welsh for ‘Bear’), is a tribute to an animal associated in cultures around the world with spiritual
strength, courage, and harmony with the cycles of the Earth. Today, as the fight intensifies to overcome
the forces destroyingour global communities and habitats, it seems more important than ever for us to
channel the spirit of Arth. Following the success of their debut album ‘Interior Design’ the band are excited
to showcase new material alongside old favourites and will be hitting the road from April.

Live Dates

June 23rd Chester Live, Chester
July 1st Gwyl Tafwyl Festival, Llandaff Fields, Cardiff.


HMS Morris are a Welsh Art-Pop group that delve into the wonky, odd-ball side of psychedelia, finding the balance
between bold experimentalism without giving up accessibility. With an undercurrent of post-punk edginess, the group
toy with colliding synthesisers and cooing vocals and still manage to create something cohesive and alluring (Clunk).
Released in November 2016, the band’s debut album ‘Interior Design’ is ‘a real trip, a multi- dimensional sound that
traipses across hitherto unexplored regions of sound’ (Clash), and with an as yet untitled follow-up already in production,
it seems the voyage is just getting started.


Please get in touch with Aled at beastpruk for interviews / Q&A’s and promo downloads,
or contact hmsmband for live bookings.


Regards / Cyfarchion

Aled Thomas



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