Introducing: Names

Introducing: Names Web Version
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Artist: Names
Track Title: Backs Turned
Release Date: 20th May 2017
Label: Libertino Records
Release Date: 20th May 2017
Format: Download



What’s in a name? A set of words by which we are known, addressed or referred to! With Names the question follows their every creative move, what are / who are Names? This melancholic, electronic, piano based alt pop duo defy easy definitions. They have no intention of sucoming to the fivurlous demands of pop culture. They remain a mystery, sheltered within the icy soundscapes they create. Soundscapes that are on one hand bucolic, reflecting their geographical birth in the wild depths of Pembrokeshire, whilst yet moulding images of an urban dystopia, claustrophobic and reeling from uncomfortable encounters / fraught interactions.

This creative duality is keenly felt throughout Names debut single ‘Backs Turned’. Ioan Hazell (vocals / piano) and Joey Robbins (drums) offer a debut single rich in mature insight, a reflection on isolation and urban heartbreak. Musically Names are following in the footsteps of post punk pioneers Joy Division in their singular palette whilst Radiohead and Nick Cave’s uncompromising melodies are also inspirations. Names can only be referred to as a unique musical mystery that does not need any solving.

Backs Turned Lyrics

I want quiet, Just quiet,
Silence for a while.
The violence and street talk
Have left me outside.
Under streetlight surrender I am free from what you’ve become,
From the back turns and strangers,
I can breathe.
But you’re high so it’s impossible
For you to feel another thing.
You insist that you get it
That it wasn’t what it seemed.
But you’re straight faced, distracted, So I know you’re not listening.
Under streetlights I’m lying in the snow. Yeah you’re straight faced and evil, Straight faced and evil, Evil.
Nes i byth ddweud fy mod i’n neud y peth gywir, y peth gywir. Ond mae pawb yn dweud fy mod i’n neud y peth gywir, Mae mor anodd gwybod.



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