Stockholm’s Jet Rewind Reveals Debut Single “Someone Else”

Hi Musikoon,

Hope all is well. I am writing in hopes of pitching Stockholm indie rock act, Jet Rewind, and their new single "Someone Else" for your blog. Please let me know if you need any more information. .



Band: Jet Rewind
Single: "Someone Else" – soundcloud stream
RIYL: The Strokes, Spoon, French Kicks
Socials: Facebook
Press Photo
Album Art

Stockholm based indie rock act Jet Rewind’s shares the same name an old VHS-player that allows you to rewind tapes within 60 seconds. For the band, Jet Rewind symbolizes a certain nostalgia and a dream to go back to something long forgotten.

Consisting of Samuel Heiligers (vox) Johannes Palmroos (bass) Emmanuel Hailemariam (guitar) & Anton Haeffler (drums), the project is still in it’s infancy with "Someone Else" being the band’s first single. "Someone Else" is a hopeful guitar-based song about finding your element.

Let me know if you need anything else.



Admirable Traits Records Facebook//Twitter//Bandcamp

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#007 Bryan Johnson and Family – Cool Your Jets EP
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#004 The Denzels – Blow 7"
#003 The Denzels – "222" (single)
#002 Merchants – The Red Room EP
#001 The Denzels – Easy Tiger EP


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