Introducing: Adwaith – ‘Pwysau’ Debut Single // Out Now On Decidedly Records (Wales)

ADWAITH – ‘Pwysau’ // Recordiau Decidedly Records // Out Now

Artist: Adwaith

Track Title: ‘Pwysau’
Release Date: Out Now (Free Download)

Listen / Blog Stream: Here

Download WAV: Here

Adwaith have always existed. They have been there since the sixties, through Roxy’s filthy glitter, and within the glorious chaos of punk and its post-punk offspring. Now the relevant stars have aligned, Adwaith have been made physical in the form of Gwenllian Anthony (Bass, Mandolin), Hollie Singer ( Vocals, Guitar), Eva Chelsea Free (Vocals) and Heledd Owen ( Drums).

History flows through Adwaith, so much so that they are formed around a classic core songwriting duo of Hollie and Gwenllian. Like famous musical partners Hollie and Gwenllian’s friendship stretches back to their childhood days (the pair met when they were three years old). After taking a detour through life with Hollie moving to Australia (which included her singing at the Opera House) the pair are now reunited and embarking on forging a new path for Welsh music. Inspired by artists who refuse to walk the easy path (Datblygu, The Slits, Nico, Happy Mondays, The Velvet Underground, Johnny Cash) Adwaith are set to be hailed as the most exciting band to come out of Wales for a very long time.

The band have worked with Patricia Morgan from Datblygu over the summer to develop their demos and sound. The results can be heard on Pwysau their post-folk debut single. With Pwysau, Adwaith offer their hand and let the listener know that are people who care and who can support you in your time of need.

"Adwaith are like the Welsh Slits playing Johnny Cash songs all set in a distinctively European post-punk urban setting. Trailblazing like pioneering Welsh artist such as Datblygu before them, Adwaith’s first single Pwysau is Buddy Holly, it’s the Pixies it’s uncompromising heartbreak in under two minutes, this is the future of Welsh music right in front of us" – Decidedly Records

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