Storm the Palace – ‘In Ruins’ EP out May 12


I play with a band called Storm the Palace and I wanted to let you know about our debut EP, ‘In Ruins’ which comes out as a digital-only release on May 12.

Our music has been described as “romantic, literate and thrilling” and we take our inspiration from a wide historical sweep, starting with Bach and the baroque and encompassing European folk and avant-garde pop.

We’re based across Edinburgh and London and ‘In Ruins’ is being released on Seattle-based label Abandoned Love Records.

You can stream or download the whole EP here (private link – please don’t share):

And watch the video for ‘Statues and ‘Snowmen’ here:

The EP will be available to buy from iTunes (US only), Amazon and Bandcamp.


Please get in touch if you’d like further info.

Warmest wishes,


Editor’s notes:

Described as “romantic, literate and thrilling” by the writer Lorna Scott Fox, Storm the Palace take their inspiration from a wide historical sweep, starting with Bach and the baroque and encompassing European folk, the avant-garde pop of Kate Bush, the poetry of Leonard Cohen, the timeless song-crafting of Abba and the filmic grandeur of Scott Walker and Nancy & Lee.

Storm the Palace emerged from the decade-long alliance of vocalist/guitarist Sophie Dodds and drummer extraordinaire Gordon Webster. The band coalesced in 2014 when they were joined by legend of the Scottish indie-folk scene Reuben Taylor (James Yorkston and the Athletes, Meursault, Supermoon) on piano, accordion, harpsichord and anything else with keys. They now also feature Pippa Murdie on backing vocals, cello and mandolin and Sam Wilkinson on bass. They collaborate regularly with Graeme Young, mastermind of Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio, and Dan Simons of CYMBALS.

Storm the Palace’s songs start life around Sophie’s elegantly constructed lyrics and melodies before blossoming into rich, complex and occasionally baroque arrangements, aided in the studio by Reuben’s impeccable production skills. Above this sit Sophie’s frank yet ethereal vocals which have been variously compared to Kirsty McCall and Carly Simon. Through all their rhapsodic tendencies, Storm the Palace retain a commitment to catchy, heartfelt, honest pop songs, or in the words of WOW247, “earworms that deserve your undivided attention”.


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