Vena Portae – video premiere!

Hi music lover,

In connection with the internation release of their self-titled debut album, Anglo/Swedish folk pop band Vena Portae release their new video and single Flames & Fury.
The video can be found here:

Vena Portae is an Anglo/Swedish alt.folk band made up of Dom Coyote, Emily Barker and Ruben Engzell.

In the winter of 2012, Vena Portae found themselves in the tiny, snowed-in Swedish town of Mölnbo just outside Stockholm. They built a make shift studio, full to the rafters with analogue equipment, spring reverbs, electric guitars, banjos, pianos and an array of weird and wonderful instruments. Over the space of a month, they recorded a treasure trove of songs, inspired by heartbreak, passion, and intrigue, which together make up the album Vena Portae.


The music:


The Guardian (4 out of 5):

Live at the BBC:


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