Today is your LAST CHANCE to grab this months Subscription Sample Pack

Just £9.95 a month
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Rankin Audio Monthly Subscription Service
Today is your last chance to grab this months subscription pack before it disappears forever and we will be on to the next month. So don’t miss out on your chance to grab these exclusive, royalty free samples while you can.

Over the year you will build up an incredible collection of sounds from melodic synth and instrument riffs to basslines and big bass one shots. From synth hits to lush pads. Drum loops, hits, fx and vocals. Everything you need to give your tracks the depth and character they deserve. All samples created by our team of world renowned producers and sound designers with countless achievements in the genres. As always with Rankin Audio, quality and usability are at the top of our list.

We have 2 different subscription options, a House and Garage pack and a Dubstep, DNB and Trap pack, each priced at £9.95 per month. You can also sign up for both packs for a reduced price of £15.95 per month.

Check Out The Sounds

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