Hello Everybody,

It feels rather brilliant to finally be writing you this email… We finally have something for you, our new album is ready.

We recorded it with Ian Grimble (Manics/The Fall/Siouxie Sioux etc) in north London and mastered it at Abbey Road studios, and it’s called Easy Fantastic. We’ve also decided to bring it to you via the good folks at Pledge Music, after much encouragement from you guys! For those who don’t know Pledge, we did it for our last record Teenage Blood, and enjoyed it hugely. It’s a way of getting you all directly involved, by offering you content and experiences far and beyond your normal rubbish *insert faceless digital store here* pre-order link. And not only do you get your hands on cooler stuff, but in doing so you help us raise the funds needed to release the album into the big bad world.

You can pre-order the album NOW be clicking this link, or the image below. We spent some time putting together a killer list of great new pledges, including a couple of odd ones so I hope you enjoy! Limited edition vinyl, house parties, beer brewing, pirate golf, beard in a bag, you name it… It’s there.

Everyone who pledges, not only gets a high quality digital download of the album on it’s release, but they also get an IMMEDIATE download of the first single off the record, Hurricane. More info on that later on…



So you’ve pre-ordered the album, and you want to come and hear it live? You’re in luck! We’re playing our first show of 2014 in a great little venue in London, tickets are very limited so grab them ASAP here, or by clicking the poster below. The last London show we did last year sold out in half an hour so don’t hang about. We can’t wait, we’re counting down the days, so bring a gang.


‘And this is all well and good but how can I hear some bloody music?!’ Calm down my friend, I’ve got that sorted for you too. The right honourable (Sir) Steve Lamacq has the exclusive first play of Hurricane, the first single from Easy Fantastic, on BBC 6 Music from 4pm so tune in HERE.

It feels so good to be back, I hope you like Hurricane, pre-order the record via the pledge page, and we’ll see you down the front of the gig!

More soon…

Tom & The Boat x

© Tom Williams & The Boat

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