We’re Back

Morning Boat fans… It’s been a while…

I’m thrilled to announce we finally have news for you patient patient lot. And although I can’t tell all, I can tell you this.

For the first time in a year, we’re playing a show in London. It’ll be very small, and it’ll be free. You’ll still need to reserve tickets and there aren’t many, did I mention this gig was very small?!

It’s on Monday December 9th at Servant Jazz Quarters.

The link for tickets is HERE, they will go very quickly with any luck so please don’t hesitate, bagsie them sharpish.

Here’s a small video below with more info and a snippet of a new song from the new record…

More soon folks, thanks for sticking with us, we’re looking forward to seeing your friendly faces again 🙂

Tom & The Boat x

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