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The Blockheads


We (The Blockheads) were able to meet our Kickstarter goal in less than 10 days. Funding three music videos for the leading tracks from our new album. Check it out here,

As a gift we;’e giving away a free download off of our 35th Anniversary album, Same Horse Different Jockey.

We are so appreciative of our loyal fans, and new fans alike, We’ve added some extra treats to the campaign, Meeting with the band, Limited vinyl, first crack at our album.. etc..

Hi Mick Gallagher (Blockhead) here

For those of you not familiar with the band, we were formed in 1977 after the first Stiff Records UK tour backing Ian Dury while promoting his album New Boots & Panties.


We continued touring and recording until Ian’s unfortunate demise in February 2000. We made a decision to carry on as a band and continue to work independent of the music industry, as we were told by many a mogul that there was no point in The Blockheads without our iconic front man.


Since 2000 we have recorded and released a number of albums via the internet and live appearances. We have operated outside the industry with the exception of one disastrous flirtation in 2008 which almost finished us…We survived but lost all our money and the rights to our album’ Staring down the Barrel’ for 10 years. TxmzGL9tULqpYtp5DPgwWqaCMLBXNYX7QKuPU-cj1SWrJdT9AgWVwyPS9Ctv1A88XMZnpVEZ0gmNFYT4q4d_L-4_QZez238ZyhcnNOqtQsEMEfbkBiW47IqX

We have recovered enough to get back in the studio and record a new album, paid for by ourselves and of which we are very proud . We have no label interest and not enough money to finance any kind of campaign to give the album the chance it deserves to be heard by a larger audience.


Our music has inspired some very creative visual ideas from a small independent film company called Free Seed Films.



© The Blockheads

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