Nalepa, Dubspot Engineer Launches TeamSupreme Label with Night Bloom EP


After a series of prolific collaborations and extensive touring last year, Steve Nalepa returns to explore the frontiers of bass, broken beats and 4/4 rhythms with Night Bloom – the premiere release on LA’s new TeamSupreme label. Night Bloom’s seven tracks explore cinematic dance music from 131-140 bpm while avoiding the entrapment of any one genre. His lush, synth-based instrumental music fuses together elements of ambient, Chicago house, dub and shoegaze.

Esteemed music technologist and audiovisual producer, Nalepa is a veteran of Los Angeles’ vital music scene and known for his vast and eclectic array of artistic collaborators that cross mediums as often as they cross genres. He has produced tracks with such legends as Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders, and energized crowds at clubs and festivals around the world. Nalepa currently has several collaborative releases in the pipeline as he simultaneously teaches Ableton Live for Dubspot and maintains a heavy tour schedule with The Weeknd.

Here’s the set for Night Bloom EP with free downloads.

the whole thing is available on bandcamp for $1 for this week.

It is also full price on iTunes

1. Glow
2. Daytime
3. Night Bloom
4. Seattle Flight
5. Ovni
6. Flora Fauna
7. Memory Cloud


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