Xavier Rudd, Joel Cummins, The Mother- Herbstrong Remix


lance herbstrong xavier rudd

Austin trio, Lance Herbstrong, have maintained an element of funk in their tunes and at times accented it with a bit of ghetto. They’re not ones to follow patterns either – they graft the guts from a spectrum of influences into something unexpected.

Lance Herbstrong, are back at it again, fusing Xavier Rudd’s The Mother in to a glitchy, dubby, backbone with a history of space travel.

With Peter Di Stefano (Porno For Pyros) on guitar and Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee on Keys..

Grab a Listen and Download here: http://snd.sc/YQBPEj

Mother Earth, She brings good luck!



Special Shout out to http://manalogue.com for helping make us #1 on the Hype Machine

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