Independent & new pop / soul from Sweden


Here´s some brand new independent music from Sweden. Magdalena Konefal created quite a stir with her debut EP back in 2009. Her retro pop / soul music was rotated heavily on national radio, she played major festivals etc. Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter described her music “dream-like soul with hints of Curtis Mayfield and Prince”.

What happened between now and then? Well, more about that below, but first the new single “The Mirror” written and performed by Magdalena Konefal. Check out the video here
Download the song in waw or MP3 at the link here

The artist has made the music pod-safe and it is available on Itunes etc. We´d be delighted if you decide to spread the word, and please let me know if you do.

Best regards
Una Prosell

(more below!)

When Magdalena Konefal released her debut- EP “Mixtape of a life sound 0.5” in 2009, she received immediate media attention. Her creative soul was played on high rotation on national radio P3, her video was “Hit of the week” at music video channel ZTV, and the newspapers wrote about “dreamlike soul with a hint of Curtis Mayfield and Pince”. She was immediately booked to Stockholm Jazz festival and other prestigious venues.. January 2013, she returns with the single The Mirror.
-The text of The Mirror came to me when I was thinking about how social media affects us. When you see yourself from an outside perspective all the time. A Facebook update is like constantly having a mirror present. When you happen to look into the mirror you immediately fix your hair, your features, your posture. It´s a consciousness that affects us.

Magdalena Konefal received attention while still in high school as a promising jazz singer. At age 19 she moved to Italy and worked with film music composer Maurizio Abeni and Oscar winner Luis Bachalow. A long trip to South Africa allowed her to investigate her interest in slam poetry and spoken word. Back home in Sweden she started working with Povel Ohlsson (Robyn, The Royal Concept etc.) which resulted in the acclaimed debut. Later they started the project The Rebirth Station as musical partners and s released the single “Cities” which was a hit on the dance-floors and now is the music to a several year long –running television ad.

After the successful debut in Magdalena was courted by the music industry’s many stakeholders. A situation she found slightly absurd.
-It was nearly impossible to determine which partnerships that really would be good for my music and my future production. It took me a while to realize that it is not the artistry that is central to me, but to write and create, and that is the main focus for me today. I have, among other things. written music for commercials and documentaries as well as styled music videos. But I love to create new music and I am planning a series of single releases in the near future.



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