Treasure Map! Find The Treasure!

Morning Folks!

First mailout of 2013, what japes!

Let me first encourage you to adhere to the nature of the title of this email and make sure you keep your eye out for, ‘Treasure‘ as it were… I don’t want to make it too obvious but I’d rather you find it than you don’t if you know what I mean… ANYWAY hope you find them and enjoy them!

Now, I should mention that there is a new episode of Boat Radio, episode 4 if we’re being pedantic, and it can be found HERE or by clicking the image below! It’s a cracker with loads of great stuff, rammed with new releases to get your purses wheezing, I know mine is…

It should be said at this point that although I’m going to the elaborate effort to write to you all, there is little going on… Well a lot IS going on but it’s behind the scenes if you know what you mean. As you know, we’ve release two albums in less than two years including Ep’s and Yearbook etc… We’re currently writing and rehearsing LP #3 as we speak so you’ll need to hold tight for now although I think it’s important we keep in touch?

As such, I hope you found the two gifts and the radio show in the email and can enjoy them for now. I’ll sneak you as much stuff as you can, but because I fear I’ll get in trouble, it’ll be a bit like passing notes in class… You might get start getting emails in the dead of night with cryptic titles…!

Anyway that’s all for now, hope you enjoy the two acoustic tracks, (EH?!), let me know what you think on FB/twitter which ever you one you feel more comfortable with, and do give the radio show a play, I do love doing them and I’d love to do more…

Let’s chat soon… By FLIP it’s cold, find someone to hug and hold them close…

Lots of love


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