Matpat MP3 for Posting and Free Download

Hey Plant Music here!

We are contacting you today because we just dropped a tasty EP by our artist MATPAT, called “Everybody Rise”. Matpat is a newcomer to house music production but you wouldn’t know it from his music. Based out of Philadelphia, he was introduced to house music legends like Derrick Carter, MAW and Mood II Swing, and subsequently caught the house music bug. He recently had his first release on Terry Farley’s label Strobelight Honey and his seconds on Derrick Carter’s Persnickety edits label.

The EP contains two originals, “Everybody Rise” and “Werk That Nerve,” along with a UK garage inspired remix by Germany’s Ben Mono (featured on Hugo Boss‘ music series blog) and an acid rework by our very own The Glass (first production in a year).

Below are the relevant links for sharing, please contact Sarah if you like or have any questions.

1) Title track with gratis download (192 kbps)

2) Video teaser

3) Matpat’s DJ mix for our Seed Podcast series

4) Full Soundcloud set

5) Beatport retail link



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