Yearbook Out Now! Here We Come…

Morning folks!

Hope you’re all well, it sure is bloody freezing at Boat HQ so I’ll keep it brief before I leap off to refill the hot water bottle again…

Various levels of exciting news this morning, first off, ‘Yearbook’ is out this week! Thank you SO much everyone who pre-ordered it already, 75% went on pre-orders alone so that is fantastic! If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, then do so HERE or click the cover below. Can’t wait for all of you to hear the, as yet unreleased, Teenage Blood tracks and watch the documentary, it’s really awesome and even has scenes filmed in my bedroom… Ooh er!

Second off, we’re in the last stretch of our dates now for 2012. With only three to go, we’re keen to see this year off with a bang! Remaining dates are:

December 16th
The Tunbridge Wells Forum
w/Standard Lamps/Story Books/Freddy Green

December 22nd
The Brudenell Social Club

December 23rd
The Think Tank @ Hoults Yard

Please do snap these up if we’re coming round your way, would be great to put faces to the names we’ve been chatting to all year! Bring a mate too, especially you Leeds! It’s free so no excuses all you fine folk who came down to the Packhorse!

And THIRD off, I’ve only gone and done a bloody Christmas song haven’t I? Yes I have… It’s on the excellent For Folks Sake Christmas comp which you can stream for free, and then buy, HERE. The song I recorded is called, ‘Christmas (So Much Better When You’re Here) snappy title eh? And was written and recorded on my lonesome in my room… It’s suitably mushy but Christmas is isn’t it? Yes it is!

Said tune will actually be getting a spin on the right honourable Lauren Laverne‘s show this very morning on BBC 6 Music so do tune in if you get a sec!

Right think that’s it folks! Will leave you with the poster for our upcoming gigs, so do grab a ticket if you fancy coming down!

Hope you all enjoy Yearbook, let me know what you think of the Christmas song, and look out for an special email from us on Christmas Eve with a Christmas present of sorts just for you good mailing list folk so stick with it haha!

Stay warm everyone, and we’ll see you at a show before 2012 limps out!

Tom xxxx

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