New independent music from Sweden


I hope you had a lovely summer. I´ll kick-start the fall with some new independent jazz inspired retro-pop about – well, sex actually – from Swedish singer and songwriter Marie Lalá.

Marie Lalá is a former aerialist who now works with rope access on oil rigs in the North Sea. She came into the world of music from nowhere, having performed her songs live once when she released her debut EP this spring. She caused quite a stir. Bloggers and pod-casters where the first ones to notice, but Swedish television and others soon followed. This summer she´s been playing live and working on her debut album in the studio and it´s sounds very promising. But, since both Marie and I feel that the best song of the EP is “As we move” we want to send that one out first before starting to think about the album.

– It´s a song about sex and passion, says Marie. It´s about daring to show who you really are, about feeling free and fantastic together with another human being. To enhance the feeling I let the musicians improvise a lot of the arrangements with gives the song a playful feeling I think. Absolutely my favorite song on the EP.

You can listen to the radioedit on her website: .
A live version from a club in Stockholm, naturally a bit different from the studio-version , you can see
You will find an MP3 right here.
The song is added to Musicalley and free to podcast and / or post.

Hope you like it!

Best regards

Una Prosell

PS: I am aware that her background sounds made up for pr-reason but it´s really not. Anyway, it´s s the music we care about, right?

About Marie Lalá´s first single “Mrs Sleepyhead”:

“Her search for sound has resulted in an amalgam, a mish mash of different styles, most notably the Phil Spector Girl Group sound of the 60’s, and the laid back poppy, jazz-infused cabaret sound of artists such as Earth Kitt and Nina Simone. The track in question ‘Mrs Sleepyhead’ bobs along like a fishing rod float on a hazy, lazy summer day. Spacey cavernous production mingles with key flourishes , and the percussion gives a subtle nod to the likes of the Ronettes and the Shirelles. All in all this is a great introduction to a brand new artist!”

“The chorus is a marvel of smooth motion—me, I can’t keep my body still when I’m listening to it. All in all a splendid little song that’s somehow both more and less quirky than it might at first seem.” Fingertips Music

“resembles ’60s girl-pop groups and a nonchalant delivery that gradually builds into key-laden flourishes. Twinkles from the latter, present in most Swedish pop, makes a prominent appearance during the second chorus, where Marie shows extraordinary range.” Obscure Sound



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