We get sent a lot of music, from a lot of artists…. But sometimes…. just sometimes, we get sent an absolute gem that deserves some serious bigging up.

A Girl Called Ruth is just that – an artist who’s debut offering sounds as if it’s been crafted on years of experience at the top of the charts, however it turns out this young lady from North Wales is as unpolished as they come, having been entirely self taught musically.

By the sounds of it, she not only has an abundance of talent, but also a great team behind her, from management to producers, so if all goes to plan you’ll be hearing a fair bit more of A Girl Called Ruth over the coming months.

Check out the video to her fabulous new song ‘You I See’ on youtube:

And download the impressive duo of remixes that accompany the release…

One dark, from Finger Lickin’ bass king ‘Nixon’: http://soundcloud.com/agirlcalledruth/you-i-see-nixon-remix

and one light from fellow Welsh newcomer ‘Young Favourite’: http://soundcloud.com/agirlcalledruth/you-i-see-young-favourite-remix


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