For the 23 week period between May 14 and October 15, indie rock artist Jmo will be releasing a new song every Monday for his project entitled, “All You Need Is Stuff.” 23 songs in 23 weeks — each written, arranged, performed and mixed by one man on the fly.

Why 23? Because Jmo is finally coming to grips with the fact that he’ll never make it to the NBA, but that won’t stop him from finding musical inspiration from his childhood hero, #23 for the Chicago Bulls, Mr. Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Once completed the collection will bring to mind other ambitious, eclectic, expansive pop albums like The Beatles’ “White Album” or The Magnetic Fields’ “69 Love Songs.” But those who follow the progress every week will have the unique opportunity to hear how such an album is constructed, song by song, in a way they never could before.

Each song will be free for download during its debut week. When the next song is released you’ll be able to stream all previous songs for free on Jmo’s site or download them for 99 cents from his bandcamp site.


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