New Free Single From Jhameel ‘Shadow of a Man’ (Pt. 2 of ‘Are You Free’ Series)

I’m excited to bring you the second installment of Indie-Pop up and comer Jhameel’s ‘Are You Free’ series, titled ‘Shadow of a Man’.

‘Shadow of a Man’ is arguably Jhameel’s most powerfully written song to date. Driven by it’s emotional lyrics and a catchy, pulsing beat, the song is Jhameel’s vicious examination of a female friend’s dysfunctional relationship.

“Shadow of a Man” –

‘Are You Free’ is a five part series in which Jhameel releases a new song each Tuesday for five weeks. The series follows in the footsteps of his hit series ‘Waves’ that launched singles ‘White Lie’ and ‘Waves’ to the top ten of the Hype Machine charts.

The new single will be offered as a free download through Jhameel’s Soundcloud. We’re also open to setting up interviews, and if you need further information just let me know!

Many thanks,

– Ronnie

Bio: Jhameel is an Oakland based musician who combines his pop-sensibility with a strong disregard for genre-barriers to create a sound that is deep, anthemic, and instantly catchy, conveying honest emotion in a way that’s both accessible and fun to listen to. While his soaring, fierce, “honey-drenched voice of an angel” leads the way, Jhameel fills out his sound with an array of instruments that he plays himself. Jhameel is also his own producer, custom tailoring the production of each song to serve its particular message. With a cavalier approach to songwriting, a keen ear for production, and a brave multi-instrumentalist talent, Jhameel stands apart from other pop artists.

Ronnie Allen Evans
VP of Digital PR
Mud Hut Digital USA
mobile: 919.622.7586


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