New Swedish Indie Music


Here´s some brand new music from the much talked about Swedish indie band Paris. If you like it please feel free to podcast the song or spread the video, the band has made the music podsafe. The group is Influenced by a mixture of 60´s pop, 70´s disco, 80´s synth and 90´s indie and call their music “groovy pop-disco and bittersweet melancholy with a humorous twist”.

Paris first gig ever was at Swedens largest festival (Hultsfredsfestivalen) 2001, and by the time they came back to that stage two years later they were the most talked about indie-band in the country, having demo-songs playlisted on national radio before they even had an album out. Since then they have continued to make albums and EP´s in their living room, and played some 300 gigs in Sweden and other countries, mainly Germany. The new EP called “from paris to pluto” will be out May 30th and the single “Say it” is the first new music Paris has released since 2007.

The group still consist of the same members that started Paris 10 years ago. Annika Mellin and Emma Nylén are the singers and songwriters of the group, and they also provide the guitars and keyboard. They start out recording ideas which they bring to Mattias Svensson who is the producer of the group, where they develop the songs further, and Mattias also adds the bass guitars. Johan Efraimssons drums comes in and the music is complete.

Video “Say it” by Paris:

Download the Mp3 here

More about

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Best regards

Una Prosell


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