New music from Sweden

Hi there!

Here´s some brand new music from Sweden. It is really new, actually I have not sent this to the radio or, well, anybody really yet, so I don´t have any success-stories or fancy quotes. It´s simply very good music from somebody you have never heard about. If you like it please feel free to share it. There´s a lovely video, you can pick up the MP3 below and the artist has made it podsafe.

We´re talking about Jazz inspired retro-pop straight from the heart. The release of Swedish singer Marie Lalás debut EP “Search of sound” is about a month away, and the first sample is the single & video “Mrs. Sleepyhead”.

-The title comes from a time in my life when I lived in Thailand with a beautiful person, who used to wake me up at 5 am so we could reach the rocks and begin to climb just as the sun rose. He called me Mrs. Sleepyhead, says Marie.

Marie Lalá is a former aerialist who now works with rope access on oil rigs in the North Sea. Lyrics and music come to her almost as complete songs. If something is missing in the song, she will keep it in her head until it´s ready to come out.
She worked with producer Andreas Tengblad and together they set out on the search of her sound. They found it and on the EP you will find the music of Marie Lala´s heart.

Pick up the MP3 of Mrs Sleepyhead

Webpage with more music, pics etc:

Best regards

Una Prosell


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