Last Of This Year, First Of The Next

Morning Everyone!

Good LORD its got chilly hasn’t it!! Hope you’re all warm…I sit shivering at my kitchen table in the mean time.

First off we’re thrilled to be announcing the first date of 2012! We’re headlining the Jazz Cafe on Feb 8th as part of Moshi Moshi’s night in the, ‘HMV Next Big Thing’ festival! YOU CAN GET TICKETS HERE but let me assure you that the line up is beyond STELLAR. Fiction, Two Wounded Birds and Psychologist no less so snap up those tickets! Only a tenner I think!

And then to our final show of the year, at the Tunbridge Wells Forum this friday! Featuring the creme de la creme of tunbridge wells music we’ve got Hymmel, Standard Lamps, and Stray Dogs supporting! Come down from the beginning, all the supports are ace and it should be a great way to sign off the year 🙂 TICKETS HERE

And that’s it folks! Thank you so much everyone that have continued to pledge, and of course everyone who already as! I found some exciting new exlusives in my room last night so keep your eyes peeled on the pledge this week for them to pop up! In the mean time, do head over and pledge for something exciting if you haven’t had a chance yet, our PLEDGE PAGE IS HERE.

Keep warm everyone, see you at The Forum on friday if you’re in the South East of the UK and see the rest of you very soon in 2012, promise! 🙂

Tom xx

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