Acid House Kings feat. Dan Treacy of Television Personalities – Free MP3!

Hi Musikoon,

Hope all is well with you.

Acid House Kings has teamed up with the cult hero Dan Treacy of Television Personalities for a new recording of “Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now”. An indie marriage made in heaven! Out on October 18th on digital and limited edition 7″ vinyl. Feel free to post the MP3 below.

Photos/cover artwork:

The track couldnt possibly sound anymore sincere, honest and heartfelt than it does right here. Hope you’ll like it too!

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Kvarngatan 2
118 47 Stockholm

 (ALBUM, 2011)

“The combination of songs, sound, and performance make this another near-perfect album from the trio.” 
Allmusic, 4.5/5 (Editor’s choice March 2011)

“Music Sounds Better With You is a rare, heartfelt reflection”
 Under The Radar, 8/10

“AHK have returned after a layoff with their strongest-sounding record and a newfound vitality.”
Pitchfork, 7.8/10

“It’s hard to go into explicit detail on Music Sounds Better With You, simply because of how happily delightful it is.”
musicOMH, 4/5

“Its nearly impossible to resist them”
 Popmatters, 7/10

“Gorgeous melodies, a feel good sensibility and a wry sense of humour” 
The Word

“This is another great album from the kings of the Swedish indie pop scene.”

” is end-to-end excellence, ridiculously catchy shit with nary a dud, or even an also-ran, among its 10 tunes.” 
Montreal Mirror, 9/10 (Album of the week)

Labrador Records
Kvarngatan 2, 118 47 Stockholm
Office: +46 (0)8 549 04 549
Mobile: +46 (0)7 332 28 121


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