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AUGUST 18, 2011 Burbank, CA Yes, we know its still August but were so excited about what we have available from our artists that we cannot wait another minute to enlighten you. We need to share it with you NOW.

In an effort to make those who determine what you might want to include in upcoming gift guides Fall, Back-To-School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday, etc., below is our list of all special editions, direct to consumer fan pieces, and merchandise.

Everything from Devo Energy Dome Hats and Black Keys Dress-Up Kits to Flaming Lips Trembling Fetus Christmas Tree Ornaments (who could resist) and lest we forget, Michael Buble Naughty Hot Shorts, weve got something for everyone and then some.

Images are attached and please call listed publicist if you need further elaboration.

For ALL PHOTOS of the items please visit http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Warner-Bros-Records-Truly-Fabulous-Suggestions-for-Upcoming-Holiday-Gift-Guides-1552228.htm



The Official DEVO Yellow Suit


Yellow full body jump suit. Featuring DEVO in black print on the lapel. Protect yourself from dangerous human elements and stay cool during meltdowns in this official DEVO Yellow Suit. A classic in formal attire. Same exact quality as worn by DEVO onstage! Includes jacket with DEVO label, pants, and adjustable elastic belt.

Available in three sizes: Large (The smallest size offered. Fits most spuds!), X-Large (gives the common spud a little room to wiggle), and Jumbo (Our largest size offered. For spuds who believe bigger is better! Can be worn by average-sized spuds to cover additional protective gear.).

Energy Dome Blue or Red


Dress up like DEVO this Halloween with this special red or blue vacu-form plastic hat designed and worn by DEVO. High-Quality Custom Plastic. Sturdy Construction. This is the exact style of Energy Dome now worn by DEVO in concert and in airports.

DEVO PR: Rick Gershon / Rick.Gershon / 818-953-3473

The Flaming Lips:

2011 MOFS Costume Pack


March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons.

Sure Halloween is only one day a year but thats no reason why you cant still celebrate The LIPS favorite holiday in style all year round. (It certainly hasnt stopped them!) For this low price, youll get an exclusive T-shirt designed by Wayne Coyne, a stylish Skeleton Costume (never out of season or fashion), and your very own Torch. Thats right, A TORCH!! Light up the darkness for your favorite Ghoul friend.

The Flaming Lips PR: Rick Gershon / Rick.Gershon / 818-953-3473

The Black Keys:

Dress-Up Kit


This dress-up kit includes one pair of glasses kinda like Pats and one false beard vaguely suggestive of Dans real one.


The Black Keys PR: Melissa Cusick / Melissa.Cusick / 212-707-2912 / Luke Burland / Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764

Gucci Mane:

Ice Cream Tattoo/Bandana Pack


Be Gucci Mane! Comes with a two-inch temporary Ice Cream Tattoo and Red Brick Squad Bandana featuring an all-over print of black Brick Squad Eagle with the 1017 logo.

Gucci Mane PR: Phylicia Fant / Phylicia.Fant / 212-707-3270

My Chemical Romance:

Danger Days Jackets


Four individual custom band jackets inspired by the world of Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. These jackets were worn by MCR in their latest music video Sing.

My Chemical Romance PR: Brian Bumbery / Brian / (323) 904-9094 / Luke Burland / Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764


The Flaming Lips:

Silver Trembling Fetus Ornament


Back by popular demand, so there! The Christmas On Mars-inspired silver pewter festive fetus ornament is a must for any and all Yuletide occasions and not just for your Jewish friends! This shiny little pre-bundle of pure joy measures approximately 3″ tall and comes in a custom-designed box. Dont question the logic here; its an essential LIPS objet dart youll treasure forever.

12-Month Calendar


We all need a reminder once in a while. Why not let The Flaming Lips be your guide?

Gummy Song Fetus


We asked you not to question the logic but if you must know, Wayne likes the perfect aesthetic beauty of the Angelic fetus. Who doesnt? This miraculous and detailed yummy confection contains three brand new songs from The Flaming Lips unavailable anywhere else: “Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2, “Steven’s Moonbow,” and “Squishy Glass.” Stored on a USB Flash drive that comes inside of the fetal cranium – eat your way to musical bliss. VERY limited quantity available.

The Flaming Lips PR: Rick Gershon / Rick.Gershon / 818-953-3473

My Chemical Romance:

Seikatsu Koujou Kyokusen (Tokyoflash Watch)


Custom made for Better Living Industries in association with Tokyoflash Japan, the limited edition Seikatsu Koujou Kyokusen wristwatch has a brushed stainless steel case, contrasting white leather strap and bright multi colored lights.


12-Month Calendar


My Chemical RomancePR: Brian Bumbery / Brian / (323) 904-9094 / Luke Burland / Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764

Michael Bublé:

New Album “Christmas” Special Edition


Decorate your tree this year while playing Christmas tunes from Michael Bublé. The CD Includes three bonus tracks along with an exclusive ornament.

Available only at www.michaelbuble.com.

12-Month Calendar


Fleece Scarf and Glove Set


Bundle up for the winter with this red fleece scarf embroidered with Michael Bublé snowflake logo in white plus red gloves. One size fits all.

Love Lips Spa Robe and Slippers


Slip into the Love Lips Robe and Love Lips Slippers on those cold winter nights. They are both white waffle knit in a 60/40 cotton polyester blend and feature the MB Love Lips logo. One size fits all.

Christmas Mug


Sip your hot chocolate with this red 10 oz. coffee mug featuring Michael Bublé snowflake graphic in silver metallic ink. Dont forget your eggnog! Whiskey not included.

Naughty Hotshorts


Look cute for Santa with these green 100% cotton hotshorts with front print “Have You been Naughty or Nice…” in white and the official MB logo on the back.

Christmas Greeting Card Set


Write to your loved ones during the holiday season using unforgettable Christmas cards from Michael Bublé! The Official Michael Bublé Christmas Greeting Card set comes with ten 5×7 folded cards and ten blank envelopes.

Merry Christmas is printed on the front cover, along with the artwork to Michaels new Christmas record. Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas is printed inside. The cards also feature the Michael Bublé snowflake logo on the back!

Michael Bublé PR: Liz Rosenberg / Liz / 212-991-4290

Luke Burland / Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764

Gucci Mane:

Brick Squad & Waka Flocka Flame Snap-back Starter Cap


This is an official collaboration with Starter/Flexfit. The hat is black and embroidered with the Brick Squad Eagle logo on the front and 1017 on the side in red. Features red snap-back and red under the brim.

Brick Squad & Waka Flocka Flame Crew Neck Sweat Shirt


Black fleece crew neck sweatshirt with red Brick Squad 1017 logo on front. Men’s basic crew made with mid-weight fabric in 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Gucci Mane PR: Phylicia Fant / Phylicia.Fant / 212-707-3270

Eric Clapton:

Blues Box Set


Features five LPs (blue vinyl- online exclusive): From the Cradle 2 LPs, Riding with King 2 LPs, Me and Mr. Johnson 1 LP. Includes a 12″x12″ lithograph.

Eric Clapton PR: Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764


Tusk Beer Stein


For the serious beer connoisseur in your Haus, this 0.35 liter, 6.5 high porcelain stein is the perfect gift for your favorite thirsty Mastodonian. Drink with this white porcelain tusk-shaped beer stein with MASTODON printed on one side and THE HUNTER printed on the other.

The Hunter Flag


Proudly be the first on your block to fly the colors of The Creature, created by American contemporary folk artist A.J. Fosik, which adorns the cover of the awesome new Mastodon album, The Hunter. Nothing quite says F**k yeah! like a 3 x 3 flag celebrating your favorite monsters of rock!

Mastodon PR: Rick Gershon / Rick.Gershon / 818-953-3473

The Lord of the Rings:

The Complete Recordings:

$79.98 (per movie soundtrack)

Get the Deluxe 5-Disc Collector’s Box of the soundtrack to The Lord Of The Rings: The Complete Recordings includes the entire Academy Award®-winning score on four CDs plus one audio DVD (in 5.1 Surround Sound), plus a 48-page book. Music composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Howard Shore.

PR: Luke Burland / Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764

Danny Elfman and Tim Burton:

The Danny Elfman and Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box:


Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, OH MY!!

A very special box set that features expansions of the 13 original scores that Danny Elfman has composed for Tim Burtons iconic films. This is a newly produced library of 16 CDs each packaged with artwork by Burton, adding up to more than 19 hours of music, including seven hours of previously unreleased masters, demos, work tapes, and other rarities. The set also includes a bonus DVD of exclusive conversations between Elfman and Burtonand more!


PR: Rick Gershon / Rick.Gershon / 818-953-3473

For more information, please contact Warner Bros. Records Publicity:

Luke Burland / Luke.Burland / (818) 953-3764

TJ Tauriello / TJ.Tauriello / (818) 953-3311


TJ Tauriello

warner bros. records – publicity

3300 Warner Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505

Ph: 818.953.3311

Fax: 818.840.2446



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