New on Labrador! Debut single from Amanda Mair – listen/download?


Hope all is well with you.

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve signed Amanda Mair! The debut single “House” is somewhat of a Swedish mix between Dusty Springfield and Kate Bush with melodies lit by sunlight filtered through a hazy forest. Magic!

Only 15 year old (now 16) from an island outside Stockholm Amanda Mair didn’t have any official record as an artist when we discovered her by pure luck in 2010. She had no bandcamp/myspace page, hadn’t made any live shows or sent any demos to labels or press. She did however record a few songs with friend of Labrador who – blissed out – later played us the recordings. For that we’re thankful!

MP3 Download:
Photos can be found here:

Feel free to post it on your blog and spread it . Let me know if there’s anything else you need. Thanks!

“Sounds like a perfect blend of Dusty Springfield and everything thing else you love about the pop label” UNDER THE RADAR

“The song begins softly with only piano and vocals, ultimately growing into a full and very powerful pop song.” FENSEPOST

“By the end, its more Running Up That Hill than Idol-ready; if theres any justice out there, Mair will be a star anyway.” RAWKBLOG

“What begins as a lilting, anti-lullabye shifts into higher gear, trading reverent hush for rolling drums, surging strings and a melody that easily could have cracked Bush’s The Kick Inside in 1978.” 32FT/SECOND


Labrador Records
Kvarngatan 2, 118 47 Stockholm
Office: +46 (0)8 549 04 549
Mobile: +46 (0)7 332 28 121


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