Am so sorry for the group message but as always, Father time is not a friend of mine! I hope you’re all well… am just emailing in regards to a new band on our roster. An email was already sent about them previously.

The band are London based alt-rockers Wayter and if you like your alt-American underground stuff i.e. Fugazi, June of 44, Slint etc then these guys are for you. Any feedback you could give would be great as it’s always good to know what folk think of our bands. 🙂

Press release / info is here:


Free download single “Cheese Sandwich” is here (and free to use on your blog):


Thanks and let me know if you’d like any more information!

Speak soon,

Claire x

A Badge of Friendship
Claire Lim – Director
8 Earlsfield House
Swaffield Road
London SW18 3AH
URL: www.abadgeoffriendship.com
Twitter: @abof | @weeclaire
Contact: 07833 934 297


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