My Pal Dragon Present’s Radicalico

Hello world,

My Pal Dragon is the solo project of Matthew Hutton. (ex-Thunder Power)

Radicalico is a collection of Lo-Fidelity recordings with a certain folk-pop sensibility. Taking listeners on a journey through the tainted and mundane, comes the first solo effort from My Pal Dragon.


Radicalico was recorded in Matthew’s apartment in Bloomington, IN in the months of May – June 2010. Additional recordings created in the company of Sebastian Olive. The songs contained within this EP are untouched by the studio magic filters and cut/paste of modern day studio recording. The intended purpose of this format is to bring the music, as it should be heard by it’s listeners. Abrasive, unsightly, and sometimes the intangible imagery come into focus within Radicalico’s arms.

Radicalico has no official release date, whereas it is more of an idea than an album. Like all ideas, Radicalico is absolutely free at the following link.

Feel free to copy/paste this link to any site of your choosing, there are no restrictions to use of its contents. Have a ball. MPD is available for questions, booking, or general revelry at mypaldragon

Be sure to check out My Pal Dragon tour dates and basic info at the official My Pal Dragon myspace.

Team Dragon


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