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Wednesday, March 24th 2010—Chicago’s Curtis Evans and Our Friends Electric are releasing their first full-length album, Life with the Buffalo, on May 25th. This release is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his December 2008 EP, More Songs About Loneliness. We like to call Curtis’s style ‘Garage-icana’, which is a mix of Americana and early Garage rock.

The buffalo featured in this album art was the last of a herd that had been living in Lords Park in Elgin, IL for hundreds of years. This buffalo died within a month after that photograph was taken. Curtis’ album explores the parallels of his life with that of this buffalo’s: Curtis and the buffalo in the photo were born the same year, in the same town.

This album is for fans of Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt, and Sparklehorse. It was recorded by Tim Sandusky at Studio Ballistico and produced by Tim Sandusky and Matthew Baugher.

Born in 1979 in Elgin, Illinois, Curtis Evans picked up a guitar and wrote his first song when he was fifteen. The current lineup of Our Friends Electric is: Dan Ingerthron (Skybox, Inchworm) on bass; Jim Licka (also in Umbra and the Volcan Seige) on organ and guitar; Matthew Baugher (also in Inchworm) on guitar; Russ Mallard (also plays with Musikanto) on drums.

A 29-year-old Elgin native, singer-guitarist Curtis Evans is disreputable looking and frighteningly talented, with a melodious country-soul voice that sometimes gets sloppy, thick, and heavy—like if Hank Williams had tried a little of what Nick Caves been drinking. — Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

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Listen To Life with the Buffalo in its entirety at
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Digital single track list (on sale 4/13/2010)
1. Windows (3:03)
2. Mark of the Beast (2:19)

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