“Secret Language” a pop song by Ghosty

Hello! Below you will find a link to download Ghosty’s ‘Secret Language,’ a pop song about basic urges, the powers that be, and their bullshit rules – first from a child’s point of view, then a grownup’s. Or maybe it’s about the kind of person that needs a set of rules and enforcers – teachers, parents, bosses, or saviors – to feel safe. Andrew Connor and David Wetzel trade lead vocal duty, and everything leads up to guitar and Farfisa organ solos at the apex of the tune. Please, take a listen.

Download Secret Language.mp3
direct link: http://files.me.com/morefamouser/885qpu.mp3

Secret Language is from Ghosty’s "A Mystic’s Robe" EP. For a quick listen to the rest of the EP, you can go here.

Download "A Mystic’s Robe" Cover Art


“Influenced by the Beach Boys’ sunny-side-up vibe and lofty vocals, guitar-pop quintet GHOSTY beg for the summer soundtrack treatment with “Big Surrender,”-Entertainment Weekly

"Andrew Connor’s songs are finely wrought with bright, buoyant melodies over intricate, shifting structures that slip-slide around like the missing link between Emmitt Rhodes and Pavement." MOJO 4/5

“Lead single "Big Surrender" – "you don’t have to be a pessimist, no, no" – resembles a mix of The Shins and Pavement. Haunting, inescapably.” Chris Roberts-UNCUT 4/5

Ghosty, “Answers” “The second full-length album from this Lawrence, Kan., indie band retains the melodic tone of their debut, “Grow Up or Sleep In,” along with the same sort of witty lyrics.” Juliet Eilperin/Washington Post

"An elegant tuneful debut that nests happily in the same corner of indiedom as Fruit Bats, The Shins, Phantom Buffalo and on occasion the mighty (flaming) Lips themselves.” THE SUN 

“Answers", sees the band taking on increasingly ambitious pop arrangements, especially in songs like “Dumbo Wins Again.” With a sturdy, crunched drum beat, bright, jangly guitars and the light warble of electric piano, the song teems with highly interwoven melodies and finely crafted vocal harmonies. Michael Katzif-NPR

"With a fully fledged sound that layers instruments galore and pays tribute to the sixties Wilson Beach Boys and other California elements, Ghosty share a retronuevo sense with the Coral and the Earlies, a celebration tinged with irony, of those halcyon days." Americana UK

"Ghosty sound like a mature, well crafted, fully grown into their skin band and their take on the American alt-rock is accessible enough to sell, poppy enough to catch on, odd enough to interest and hard enough for rock n roll. Top tunes, this one goes into the collection"UNPEELED

After two full length albums, a slew of EP’s, and several miles of tape, Ghosty is now putting the finishing touches on their latest short-form release, entitled "Team Up Again". This will be the third installment in a series of digital EPs released on the band’s own More Famouser Records imprint. In the Fall of 2010, a 12" vinyl LP release on More Famouser will collect the highlights of the Ghosty EP series, combined with unreleased tracks, to form the band’s third full-length album.

It’s fair to say that a sense of longing and reflection permeates Ghosty’s music. Members Connor, Nolte, Wetzel, Adams, Blanton, and Johnson aren’t sure why this is, but they continue this trend with their latest release. It would seem that Ghosty is simply attempting to understand its own inner child, ambitiously and optimistically hoping that through introspection they might stumble onto some universal truths and "connect" with other human beings with those same urges. Ghosty occasionally
fears that its devotion to /obsession with pop music has "gone too far" or is having an "irreversible corrosive impact" on other aspects of its life, but that’s probably just
Ghosty being paranoid.

Between years spent in both Lawrence, KS and Kansas City, MO, Ghosty has always managed to catch new hooks out of the air, and from these hooks, build tunes that are earnest and refreshing. Their songs have been known to posses powers to please your ear, arrest your indifference, jolt you from your routine, or overwhelm you with wistful sentimentality for days gone by. Their newest work is no exception. …At least that’s how Ghosty hopes you might feel. Thanks for listening!



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