New music “American in Me”

Hi all,

Heres a brand new single from independent Swedish artist Dear Martin, an artist with a good track-record when it comes to pod-casts and Swedish radio. Some say “electronic pop” Dear Martin himself just calls it pop. Whatever it is, it has “hit” written all over it. You can download the song in waw or Mp3 on the following link where you will find the radioedit as well as a remix:

About Dear Martin:

It was when Pluto seized to be considered a planet and when everybody could be a star, that one of Sweden´s 71 858 persons by the name Martin decided to start treating himself a little better. Decided to like himself a bit more. Enough with compromises and an end to hesitation. No more a self criticism so harsh it burns out any creativity. It was the ending of depending on other peoples approval and the beginning of something greater. A beginning of Dear Martin.

So, Dear Martin, aka Björn Martin Edvardsson, releases an Ep. Five tracks about failures and urges. The record is titled “This is Wrong” but it feels so right. After a debut gig in San Francisco Dear Martin is doing gigs in Sweden. Reviews in press and radio talks about “beautiful pop songs that transcends all genres” and describes the music as “a mix between Jay-Jay Johanson and Junior Boys. Though much more interesting”. “Dear Martin I love you” is the Headline covering a full page in Metro, one of Swedens largest newspapers

Podcasts around the world starts spinning the music as well as Swedish radio. Then the work with putting together an album starts.

And time goes by. One looses track of the many bicycle trips to the studio through an ice cold Stockholm. By November there are a few songs written and dear Dear Martin travels to Gothenburg and Björn Synneby´s studio. Björn (of Pacific!) produced the the first Ep “This is Wrong” and together they chose two songs for the forth coming album; American in Me and He´s a Singer. The first track is an homage to those who dare, and it is the first single from the upcoming album the Dearest.

Videos, more music, pictures and more:

Artist: Dear Martin

Single: “American in Me” from the album “the dearest”

ISRC: SEWAA0900201

If you need anything else please don´t hesitate to contact me!

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