Animal Collective – “Girls” (Mike Monday’s Unofficial Remix)

Moussa Clarke
Dear Music Blogger,

Hope you’re well.

Mike Monday is rather fine producer from London. He does wonky housey stuff, kind of, but it’s much more than that. His stuff is always musically and rhythmically quirky and inventive, and he is a perrenial DJ and press favourite. His last two albums (on Playtime and Om Records respectively) showed off his musical breadth and won him all kinds of critical acclaim. He’s also got a release coming up on the seminal Get Physical, which you should definitely track down.

Late last year, Mike put together a rather splendid unofficial remix of the excellent “Girls” by Animal Collective and he has asked me to share it with you.

Animal Collective – “Girls” (Mike Monday’s Unofficial Remix)

Hope you like 🙂

More on Mike here:

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Big Love
Moussa Clarke
Oven Ready, Bristol, UK
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