Download Our January 2010 Mix!


Greetings Bloggers!

Happy New Year. In the tradition of great promotional mixes, I wanted to send you all a mix of the artists we at New City have been working with over the last few months.

I remember the days in college being pumped to get a free label sampler at a concert or a music store (remember those?!). I discovered so much great new music through those compilations. My hope is that in some small way we can do the same with our monthly samplers.

There really is something on the January mix for everyone, from folk rock, to electro-pop to jazz-infused indie rock. Artists are represented from Los Angeles to Brighton to Moscow.

For more info on any of these acts (interview requests, photos, tour press, etc) please contact me.

Thank you for all of your continued help getting the word out about all of the New City artists!



1. The Diogenes Club – The Ageless
2. Faded Paper Figures – North By North
3. :Kinema: – My Girls (Animal Collective Cover)
4. Red Cortez- Fell On The Floor
5. Satellite Crush – Paris To London
6. Relation – Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover)
7. Dazzler – Yesterday’s News
8. Big Moves – My Room Became A Forest
9. The Diogenes Club – Early May
10. Relation – Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)
11. :Kinema: – Circles
12. Xuman – Panic
13. Red Cortez – Seasick Brigade (Demo)
14. Dazzler – Your Love (The Outfield Cover)
15. Eat More Cake – Red Sky (The Diogenes Club Remix)
16. Big Moves – Lanterns

More Info:

Faded Paper Figures
“The music of Faded Paper Figures sounds like a love story that you know only happens in movies, but at one point – maybe when you were a bit younger – you believed it existed.” – Audio Muffin


“A band with a lot of blog buzz and online chatter suggesting they are leading the current pack of impossibly catchy, fearless, intelligent pop bands.” – The Recommender

Red Cortez
“One of the best unsigned bands on the planet” – Local Vertical

“England has once again produced electro pop genius! I haven’t heard anything this polished and true to its nature in a very long time.” – Off The Radar

Satellite Crush

“Fashioning the dreamy, misty-eyed pop that could have accompanied thousands of lonely, late-night rides on the Tube in the 1990s…..the songs are fleshed out, echoing, at moments, warm and familiar material from the Cure and the Dandy Warhols.” – Buzzbands LA

The Diogenes Club
“This is really a landmark for emotional-driven electronic music. I’m impressed, really impressed.” – Danger! Danger!

“Panic” is a triumph of electroesque-discotingued-house that should be bumped throughout parties across the globe this weekend.” – Blastercase

Eat More Cake
“”Red Sky” Its one of those tracks that just locks you in and puts you in the zone, either that or makes you want to make sweet, sweet love.” – Boom Boom Chik

Big Moves
“My New Favorite Band” – DJ Garth Trinidad, 89.9 KCRW

“Queen-like vocoder work and some excellent little keyboard parts are just some of the elements that suck us in.”-Subservient Experiment



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